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What exactly is the disorder in mental disorder…is there one at all?

Edvard Munch, The Scream, detail of lithograph, 1895. CC BY 4 The Munch Museum.


Illness, disorder, dysfunction…to avoid misattributing mental disorders in ways that are demeaning, offensive, or cruel, I will from this point on refer to group of mental idiopathic diseases as neurodivergence’s to account for the neurodiversity among all.

Though these terms are used interchangeably in common use speak, and even in professional medical use, they fall short of encompassing all the ubiquities of neurodivergence’s. For if one were to start using any specific term to describe the difference in mental functionality, one would find the scope of their language limited by exceptions and definitions.

Neurodivergence avoids this problem by acknowledging the…

I find that a brief explanation on universals and particulars is in order before any such discussion can be had on said consequences thereafter. The matter at hand has a long history which dates back to ancient times. Plato’s theory of forms is the earliest example and issuance of the universal. It is a recurring theory throughout his works, in which the true essences of notions, such as justice and goodness, lie not in the observable world, but in a metaphysical plane, wholly pure and untampered by human meddling. …

By far the greatest injustice in the modern world is that of personal anxiety. The modern world has seen an unprecedented number of individuals suffering, knowingly or unknowingly, from the burdensome disease of anxiety. It raises a question: where does this anxiety arise from?

It must be from no other but the over-arching Games. Whether it be societal expectations or governmental regulation — these games that we blindly participate bring about rules and goals that must be met in order to be deemed a functioning person in and about the functioning world. Our participation in the Games only feeds, perpetuates…

Communication is neccesary. Langauge is not. Language nevertheless serves its function — to express one’s mental content.

There are countless examples of communication amongst beings and entities. Animals communicate, yet, there’s no language. There’s communication between atoms — a communication we can’t quite comprehend. We may understand the mechanisms that allow for communication between molecules and atoms, but alas, never understand in what way they communicate.

For example, I can imagine a removed observer, looking on and studying human communication. The observer would learn the mechanism by which we communicate, namely, the produced vocalizations from our mouths. Such a removed…

Drunkenness is a cure
Shallowment is a cure
For all things evil
For all things bad

I charge a fee
For everytime you take a misstep
If I cant reach you
My evil…

Someday we’ll be cured
Time escapes us
Where will we go
Nowhere to but home

Anxiety draws upon me
As if I were nothing more than another monkey
Yet, I call upon…

I keep asking myself
What could’ve been
I know the question has no end
The closure I need is emotional
Not intellectual

If only I could’ve said this
If only I…

One harbors sentiments of anger
One harbors sentiments of love
Who is to say which is right?
What therefore is the meaning of the right?

Passions enslave us
They dictate what…

Courage is all actions — not just isolated moments of heroism


Before any discussion can be had about courage, I must provide some context on what I attempt to accomplish. Keyword there is attempt.

“Research” has come to be employed in contemporary academia as forms of inquiry pursued in several disciplines, from the natural sciences to the humanities. The American Philosophical Association describes research in philosophy as so:

Research in philosophy also often takes the form of efforts to refine analyses, develop and advance or criticize interpretations, explore alternative perspectives and new ways of thinking, suggest and apply modified or…


I like thinking. I overthink. I like writing. I underwrite.

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